Industrial Distribution

  • Cement blocks

    New environmentally friendly building materials, cement and core business area is Golden Circle shares. 2013, 2014 consecutive ranked China's cement production capacity guessed the top 20, Qinghai cement industry sales ranked first.
    Golden Circle shares to "strengthen the regional leader, the extension of industrial development, to develop the international market" for the development, adhere to the "highlight the main industry, bigger and stronger," the development of ideas, the layout of the Qinghai region as a leader, to build a platform for the rapid development of the whole .

  • Environmental plate

    Golden Circle shares of listed companies give full play to the capital advantages, actively expand extend the industrial.... chain, the implementation of "cement, environmental protection," double the industry development strategy. Environmental protection as the basis for the country's economic, social and environmental development is one of the important development direction of Golden Circle....

  • Foreign Plate

    "Along the way, out of the country" will bring new development opportunities. Golden Circle shares will make full use of their advantages, and firm size, technology, capital, competition management, and actively explore the international market.
    Golden Circle shares was established in 2013 overseas working group, incorporated in Hong Kong in 2015 Jinyuan International Development Limited, open foreign investment operations platform. Emphasis on the Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries, the use of "mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, the new" multi-channel hand to achieve the industrial layout, speed up the pace of overseas development.

    Suppliers Concrete Slab

    Suppliers of concrete is the main direction of Jinyuan Cement industry chain extension, in 2015 the company through mergers and acquisitions, integration into Qinghai trader concrete market. Xining has been set up concrete Limited Jinyuan providers, suppliers of concrete Haidong Jinyuan Co., Huzhu County Jinyuan Suppliers Concrete Co., concrete production capacity will reach 500 total square Articles, Qinghai Province has become the largest commodity concrete supplier.
    In addition, the company will plan in Qinghai Province, Guangdong Province, the area of new or integration of the high-end ready-mixed concrete business.