Company Profile

Golden Circle Group Holdings Limited is a cement, ready-mixed concrete production industry, the set cement kiln co-disposal of hazardous solid waste, diversified comprehensive recycling rare metals recycling as one of the inter-provincial city, cross-sectoral development of large enterprises Group. At present the Group's total assets of nearly billion, registered capital of 430 million yuan, nearly 3,000 employees.

JINYUAN Group (stock code: 000546) have two different businesses including environmental protection and architecture material. The registered capital is ¥715 million,market value is over ¥100 million,tax revenue over ¥1 billion/year. In 2014, JINYUAN Group becomes a public company, which is milestone for JINYUAN’s history.

In 11th May of 2018, JINYUAN Group changes its registered name from “JINYUAN Cement Co. LTD” to “JINYUAN Environmental Protection Co. LTD”. It has significant impact on company’s future development after the rename. Also, it gives the vital signals to market and investors that JINYUAN Group is not only focusing on area of architecture material, but also spends significant attention on area of environmental protection.

Cement industry

Golden Circle shares to "strengthen the regional leader, the extension of industrial development, to develop the international market" for the development, adhere to the "highlight the main industry, bigger and stronger," the development of ideas, in Qinghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places has nearly 20 ten holding subsidiaries, and the formation of regional leader layout. At the same time, by means of a cement kiln co-disposal of industrial solid waste resources, we are committed to the development of urban industrial solid waste (hazardous waste) recycling utilization and processing industry, the full integration of resources, and build rapid and sustainable development of the platform.Golden Circle shares of positive response to the state "along the way" strategy, make full use of their own advantages, and actively developing overseas markets. Founded in 2015, Hong Kong International Development Co., Ltd. Jinyuan, open foreign investment operations platform to meet new opportunities and challenges.

Environmental protection industry


"Faith will move mountains to open", there is hard work, there must be fruitful harvest. Development and growth of the Golden Circle, technology and innovation as a support to social responsibility as the core, the main industry of cement bigger and stronger, while actively developing new materials, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources and other emerging industries, the implementation of "quality, strong prices, green "brand strategy, firmly follow the path of diversification and international development, to create a very core competitiveness of large modern enterprise group, built a century Golden Circle, Genesis Jihui Huang.